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CAN Bus Alarm System

Product Information "CAN Bus Alarm System"

The CAN-Bus alarm system is available for more than 200 vehicle types. The system is sharpened and defused via the original vehicle remote control.


This system is already programmed for your vehicle type. When ordering, please state your vehicle type (model and year in the "Additional message" field in the order processing). Regardless, you can make the setting yourself. The setting can be made simply by means of 2 setting controls on the control part of the alarm system.


Only 4 to 6 cables (depending on the version) are connected to the vehicle and you are ready with the installation. The great advantage of this system is the possibility to write the flashing signals directly to the CAN bus. It simplifies the installation, since no turn signals must be measured in the vehicle. In the control section, a vibration sensor is integrated, which can be continuously adjusted to the conditions. A detailed vehicle specific connection plan completes the system. The audible alarm is generated by the car or by an alarm siren. You can choose which type of acoustic alarm you prefer above in the selection box. For the system with alarm sirens, a cable must also be installed in the engine compartment.


Increasing the alarm system with copied / stolen remote controls or lengthening the KeylessGo signal. With the optional hand-held transmitter, you have the possibility to prevent it. It is logged on to the system and defusing is only possible with the additional hand transmitter. The arming of the alarm system can be done with the original remote control, KeylessGo or alarm system remote control.




Sharpen / defuse with the original vehicle remote control

Control of the car horn (acoustic alarm is generated by means of a car horn) or an alarm siren

Acoustic confirmation sound when opening and closing via remote control (adjustable)

Door monitoring via CAN bus

Bonnet / tailgate monitoring via CAN bus *

Evaluation and monitoring of ignition via CAN bus

Vibration sensor is integrated in the control section

Vibration sensor and external sensors can be temporarily switched off by remote control

Control of the hazard warning system

Automatic sharpening of the system or only the immobilizer

Resolving in case of accidental defusing

Freely selectable PIN code

Status LED

Starter interruption

Panic function

Alarm memory

And many other features

Approved according to EU Directive 95/54 and 95/56

* Must be supported by the CAN bus of the vehicle.

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